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Infographic: How Patients + Physicians Use Social Media

Posted by Chuck Malcomson in healthcare marketing, Social Media, Infographic, Physician Marketing

More and more people are increasingly turning to the internet and, more specifically, social media to find, share, discuss and consume health care information. In fact, 4 out of ten consumers say that information found on social media networks affects the decisions they make regarding their health.

Physicians and Social Media

Social networks for doctors are also an increasingly popular way for physicians to build referrals and collaborate. 24% of doctors are using social media at least once per day. 

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Did you know that 42% of consumers look up reviews of health care providers, treatments and products before making a decision? This is one of many interesting statistics found in this infographic from Allied Health World. Read on for more. 

A Tweet a Day Keeps the Doctors Away
Courtesy of: Allied Health World 

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